Channeling Mother Mary On How To Love Yourself

10 May 2017 - 16:00

Danielle Gibbons is known as an engaging and inspiring speaker. She brings her devotion and humor to her many public appearances, helping people feel at ease and welcome in preparation of receiving Mother Mary’s presence and blessing. Danielle has served Mother Mary since 1994. Her own very human struggle with the obsession of addiction and emergence back into the joy of living makes her ideal in this service. Her willingness to honestly share her experiences both past and present give people hope that no matter where they find themselves in their lives, they can benefit from Mother Mary’s teachings. Mother Mary has served humanity for thousands of years. As Divine Mother, Her grace, wisdom, and loving guidance encourages millions to love themselves as She does, unconditionally. Together, they inspire individuals to awaken and expand their consciousness through best selling courses, life-changing retreats, and on-line events. Mother Mary’s Pathway to Love is their first book together