Friday Night Presents: Kenny Segal, "Post Traumatic Tour Syndrome Mix"

27 Nov 2014 - 20:48

Spending 28 days in a small car on the road with Busdriver and milo you get to really know people's music collections, and as I'm sure you can imagine Rory and Regan have some of the most eclectic and cool musical tastes of anyone I know. So the whole time hunkered down in the backseat of the car I kept a list of songs that I dug that were being played. So I used this list as the starting point of the mix. I then added a few songs from each of our sets, so the final outcome is pretty much the complete audio experience of the #perfecthairtour2014 from my perspective. I even subtly mixed in a few field recordings i made and snippets from NPR shows we listened too as well. If you were ever curious about what it sounds like to spend 100+ hours in a car with Busdriver, milo and Kenny...well now you know! I think it's also the only time you will ever hear anyone mix Krill into Machinedrum.