Bret's Ramblings Episode 64: TBTCI

06 Jun 2019 - 17:48

Featuring two hours of music from The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records. Thanks Renato Malizia for the years of great music, covers comps and various artist compilations and single band releases that you've put out. I've discovered so many great bands thanks to you. I call it "The Renato Effect" when I become a fan of a band only to realize I'd heard them before on a compilation you put out months or years ago. You're always ahead of the curve in finding new bands. I look forward to learning of your future endeavors. LISTEN: NEW ON TUESDAY AT 3PM AND 11PM PST AND REPEATED THROUGH MONDAY NIGHT. PLAYER (US, UK and Canada): THE WORLD: (Use Twitter Playlist to follow along.) TWITTER: @HDazeRadio Playlist: @HDazeRadioLive Facebook: Highwire Daze Radio